How to Buy Used Motorcycles?

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Buying second hand or used motorcycles is a common thing for motorcycle riders. This is where they found cheaper bikes. However, there are factors to consider when buying used motorcycles.

Now days you can see a lot of used motorcycles for sale whether in the local newspaper, local dealer shops and especially on the internet.  What attracts people to buy used bikes is the fact that it’s cheaper than brand new ones and most of these bikes still run and are in good condition.  Used bikes that you’ll usually see on the internet are often two years old and still in good shape. However, there are things you need to consider when buying used motorcycles for sale.

JC Whitney

If you are planning on a second-hand bike, you need to be very thorough. Remember that even though it’s cheaper than a brand new motorcycle, you still need to get the best out of your money. How? Here are some things you need to know when looking for used bikes.

1.       The state of the vehicle. This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a used motorcycle. This does not refer the physical state of the bike either. You also need to check the engine and other parts. You need to know how the previous owner or seller maintain and service the bike.

2.       Check the history of the bike. How hard it was ridden? Has the bike been through accidents? What are the damages? Based on this report, see if the price given is right for the quality, performance, and condition of the bike.

3.       Research. It is very important to get familiar with the different types, brand and model of bikes. The more information you knew, the greater is the possibility that can face a dealer or seller confidently and then knows how to make a fair deal. Aside from that, if you know what you are looking for and know where to look for it, you can avoid buying stolen bikes.

4.       Once you found a certain bike you like, don’t buy it right away. Do a little research on the price a similar bike in the market. You can call bike dealers to get different opinions, ask a friend or check it out on the internet. After your research do a comparison. Through this method, you will see the true value of the used motorcycle you want to buy.

5.       Test the bike. After your physical inspection, you need must ask the dealer to allow you to test drive the bike. Take the motorcycle on a short ride in order to check if you can manage the brakes, the weight, and its size. This is your chance to see if you’re comfortable while riding it or not. Remember that comfort is also a big factor in buying used motorcycles.


Buying used motorcycles is your chance to save a lot of money. HoweverPsychology Articles, you need to consider the different factors mentioned above in order to get the right bike for your money.

by Mench Charles,

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JC Whitney


A beginner’s guide to Motorcycle Parts

Once you hop in a motorcycle and realize that you have deep interest in riding it, I’m definitely sure you’ll have lots of questions in your mind. You’ll probably ask the basic questions on how to start and drive it with the use of gears. These are common questions of beginners who are willing to indulge on the road to driving motorcycles. Knowing the parts of your motorcycles and how they work together to keep your motorcycles running can be quite interesting too.

by Karen Nodalo

In order for you to learn riding and start riding, you must first learn the basics of the motorcycle parts and how they function. If you get to know the parts very well, you can now begin your curiosity in riding your first bike.

There are many different parts of the motorcycle. These parts are considered general because all motorcycles regardless of the brands contain the same parts. I’ll be giving you a short discussion on the important parts.
The clutch is a lever which is found in the left-hand grip of your motorcycle. You operate it with the use of your fingers. It is responsible for releasing mechanism and operates for shifting gears more easily. Motorcycles have cylinders but they differ in the number of cylinders. Motorcycles contain between the ranges of one to six cylinders. Most of the cylinders are liquid-cooled to prevent steaming of over-heating for extreme usage.

You have the brake which is very important because it slows down the speed of the motorcycles to prevent it from bumping. There are two kinds of brakes. The first is the front brake which is located at the right hand of the motorcycle. It is responsible for stopping the front wheels of your motorcycle. The second is the rear brake which operates to stop the back wheels of the motorcycles. It is operated with the use of our foot. Thought hey both work differently, they work together to prevent serious accidents.

The suspension works to keep you comfortable in riding. It provides you with a stable and smooth ride on rough edges and areas. The gas tank is where you place gas which is where your motorcycle is being fed with gasoline. The gear shift which is foot-operated is responsible for shifting gears.
The spark plug operates as an igniter to start the engines to cause the effect of combustion. The ignition switch is where you start the motorcycle with your keys. Once it is already witched on, the motorcycle is now ready to be operated. The handlebar is where you place your right and left arms for steering and pivoting. He throttle is found in the right grip of your hand. The throttle increases the speed of the motorcycle. It is being operated by twisting it with your hand.

The side mirrors are of great help to the motorcycle rider. It allows them to look behind even in a very fast lane without looking backwards. In order to view your behind very well, these side mirrors should be at the right angle and should always be clear. The hors serves as a warning especially on a busy street where people and vehicles are rushing through.
Now that you are introduced with the partsArticle Submission, you can now start your first motorcycle ride and enjoy safe riding!


Karen Nodalo came across writing when she was about 11. The whole craze for writing started when she first wrote her diary during elementary years. After school, she would write in it first before doing homework. She finds it cool and until now she still keeps one.

Her passion for writing started and improved. She joined in the school publications and they made her the editor.

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