5 Foods That Must Always Reside in the Freezer

There are a number of items that must be stored in the freezer section of your refrigerator to retain their nutrients and taste.

Often, we run out of space in a certain sections of our refrigerator as a result of which sometimes the cheese finds itself in the freezer, or sometimes the eggs end up in the main compartment instead of the door section. What’s the result? Either rancid smell or bad textured foods.

There are some food items that you must absolutely not kid around with when it comes to their fridge storage Listed below are 5 foods that should always be stored in the freezer section for a better flavor retention and texture:

1. Bread

Had sandwiches last evening and got some leftover loaves of bread? Well, with bread being one of the classic foods of our times, we will find a use for it soon enough. Until then, make sure you don’t leave it out at room temperature as mold could find its way to it. Instead, wrap it up in aluminum or plastic foil to prevent drying, and freeze it. Simply put it in the oven for a quick reheating or toast in the toaster when you feel the need for a healthy snack.

2. Berries, grapes, and other fruits

Surprise! Surprise! Your fruits can find an alternate place in your fridge! Want some luscious and crunchy strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce? If yes, simply store the berries in the freezer section and take them out when you are ready to gorge on some delectable wonder. When it comes to grapes, store them in the freezer to get the some crunchiness when you do finally eat them. A caveat here: don’t freeze these fruits unless you plan to eat them straight out of the freezer.

3. Nuts

You must be nuts to not have nuts around! A healthy snacking option, nuts, are easy to store in the freezer section. Since they are versatile, we usually stock them for use in salads, baking, munching or cooking. A major reason as to why nuts work so well stored in the freezer is its low water content which prevents it from turning rock solid. In simply 10 minutes or so, you can thaw these nuts for use. Another reason to store these little healthy treats in the freezer is to prevent the oils in them will go stale and rancid.

4. Peas

Who among us has never seen their mother storing kilos and kilos of green peas in the freezer? Chances are that most of us have. It makes sense to store peas when the prices are low as you need it all through the year thanks to its taste which lends itself to plenty of kitchen preparations. They are easy to thaw and retain their nutrients when frozen.

5. Ginger

We usually store ginger in the main compartment of our refrigerator but there is a better way to store it. Yes, you guessed it right… The freezer is a better place to keep the ginger as it is easier to scrape off the peel this way. Also, you can easily micro-shred it for use in soups, beverages, etc. as it doesn’t turn soggy or lose its texture when frozen.

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Now that you know what foods will keep your ice creams and frozen meats companyPsychology Articles, get some freezer bags and zip locks to ensure that the smells of different foods do not stick on to others!

by Sumeet Dahiya


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