A Guide to Getting and Keeping Sexy Girls’ Attention

Having problems hooking up with sexy girls you like? Here is our five-step guide for getting those sexy girls you want tonight.

Step 1: Master the Approach

Stop searching for the ultimate pick-up line.

Just simply catch their attention. What you want to do is get her interested on the next thing that will be coming out of your mouth. Tell her about your recent trip to Amsterdam or that interesting book you just finished reading. Find a way to let her think you’re a multi-dimensional guy without looking pretentious or self-centered.

Step 2: Avoid the Lull

This is the part where most guys hit a wall. Never leave a conversation just because you’ve ran out of things to say. At the very least, say something like “that’s just like when…” to keep the conversation flowing. If you’re feeling much more confident, give her the “cold read.” Tell her something about herself based on her body language and appearance. Point out her nice hair or cute smile. This may lead her to give a reaction that may open up a whole new avenue in the conversation.

Reel Her In

Your confidence and sense of humor are your biggest assets. Make her laugh and take control of the conversation, but don’t overdo it. Because often, guys have the habit of trying to become comedians or they tend to hog the conversation. Be interesting and fun, making sure she’s part of the conversation as well. You wouldn’t want to tug on the line as soon as you feel a there’s a little nibble on the hook. Sexy girls value what they have to work hard for.

Take It Outside

The next step is to think about logistics. Pass on loud, crowded places for someplace more intimate. This is where you can build a connection and discover you shared interests. You can’t really have the opportunity to know someone if you have loud music blasting in your ears. Ask her if she wants to go someplace else to have coffee so you can talk. Find a nice, quaint café she will surely love seeing that side of you.

Keep the Night Alive

For obvious reasons, you will want to avoid unexpected separations, like a long one-hour drive to your place in separate cars. Give her a good reason to come over an old movie, for example. However, you should be careful at this point you should already know what you both want to happen, so don’t try to trick her. Also, make sure she feels comfortable with it. Set your intentions to simply hang out with her and get to know her betterScience Articles, and rest will just come naturally.

by Onesimus Smith,

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