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Girl doing handstand on surfboard.

Surfing vacations can be a lot of fun, but with so many surfing spots out there, narrowing your destination down to just one beach can be difficult.  


Where to Find Great Surfing

by Hassan Ingram

After all, not all waves offer the same experience.  Since waves can differ widely from beach to beach, surfers are never content with just surfing their neighborhood beaches.  Each beach has its own unique style and personality.

For example, one beach might offer teeth-gnashing waves while other beaches may be known for waves that are a lot more mellow and laid-back.  Let’s look at some of the best surf destinations in the world.

These surfing hot spots have beckoned surfers for generations to “come on in, the water’s perfect!”  Expert or beginner, you will enjoy these top spots where you can catch epic waves that make for a memorable trip.

The narrow barrier islands found in North Carolina have developed a reputation over the years for treacherous waters that have claimed many ships and even more sailors.

This includes Cape Hatteras, home to the landmark Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.  This area is also home to some of the punchiest surf on the Eastern seaboard.

When surfing Hatteras Lighthouse, surfers enjoy swells that seem to bottleneck in from all directions.  There is usually a good mix of local surfers and tourists on surfing vacations.

 The best time to go? From late spring through the summer, look for big crowds, although there are many spots where there is less competition for those salty Atlantic waves.

Some surfers like to surf the Hatteras Lighthouse in the fall of the year, however, because the beach is less crowded and they can enjoy the big south swells that start to make their march up the coastline every autumn. Besides, the water is still warm and inviting!

Down Under

If you are looking to head to the land Down Under to try your board on some Aussie waves, then one good spot to consider is Surfer’s Point. This beach is relatively isolated and can be found in the little village of Margaret River, a few hours to the south of Perth, Australia.

 Surfer’s Point is said by many to be the premier surfing spot on the entire west coast of Australia. Surfers are happy to find that there is almost always a wave to be had at Surfer’s Point, and that waves can be as big as eighteen feet.

Because the spot is consistently being fed with south swells from the Roaring Forties, surfers find a reliable number of waves here, particularly between the months of November through May. This is due to thousands of miles of sea that lies between Australia and China.

 Waves sound a bit big for your taste or experience? Don’t worry.  A quick paddle out and you will find mellower lefts and rights that break over a sandy bottom. Margaret River offers surfing opportunities for all skills levels.

North Shore

The Banzai Pipeline, which is known by the locals simply as “the Pipe”, is located on the North Shore of Oahu.

 The Pipe is, in the opinion of many, one of the most famous waves in the North Pacific, if not the world.

 Westerly swells that hit Oahu from October through March sees this surfing spot grinding out waves that are so massive, hollow and perfect that looking at them is like looking at a cartoon drawing.

 The Pipe is anything but child-like, though, and not for the faint of heart, or the ill-experienced.

 Waves in the Pipeline break with enough force to snap your spine, so if you are don’t have a great deal of experience surfing watery barrels the size of a semi-tractor trailer, you might be better off just sunning on the sand!

Killer Point

Named for the abundance of killer whales that are known to frequent the area, Killer Point is located in TaghazouteFree Reprint Articles, Morocco.

Hippie surfers of the sixties first unearthed this gem on the North Atlantic. This surf hideaway is an ideal getaway for those who are looking to soak up some of the Moroccan sun while traversing perfect waves that break over a cliff shelf.


Where Surfing Enthusiasts Go in the Maldives?


Those who look for luxury Maldives resorts as well splendid surfing experience often decide on the Huduranfushi Island Resorts. Surfing is at its best from March to November with June, July and August being the months that attract most visitors.

Surfers around the world keep looking for locations that can thrill and challenge their skills with surfboard.

Maldives is celebrated for its surfing destinations and places for water sports fans to have tons of fun.

While there are numerous destinations in the island nation for surfing, Huduranfushi Island Resorts stand apart on a number of points. Following are some of the areas where the island scores;


The resort, surrounded by white sand, is a known name in Maldives tourism and thus has to match global standards of hospitality. Being the destination for surfers and thrill seeking vacationers alike, the resort receives an astounding number of visitors every year. One can choose from beach villas and ocean villas. Both boasts of modern amenities and everything that makes the visitor to fall in love with the resort.


Those who look for luxury Maldives Resorts as well splendid surfing experience often decide on the Huduranfushi Island Resorts.

Surfing is at its best from March to November with June, July and August being the months that attract most visitors. Speaking of reef breaks, there is plenty of variety on offer in terms of intensity.

Through a dhoni boat transfer, one can reach different surfing breaks and that too within 25 minutes. After purchasing a surf pass, one can become part of the water powered action. Following are the breaks to look out for;

Jailbreaks- It is a right hander that was earlier off limits for surfers but now is widely looked forward to by vacationers staying in surfing resorts Maldives. The mid barrel section gives up to 300meters of elevation when it is lining up.

Sultans- It is known for its intense wrapping section at the end after an easy right-hand take off. Breaks mostly reach 3-8ft and thus it is usually suggested to be rode when it is small. It is one of the favorites of professional surfers.

Honky’s- It is located on the north of Himmafushi Island which is known for luxury hotels & resorts Maldives. Honky’s is widely visited for its fast wrapping left at 4-6ft.

Cokes and Chickens are the other two that are widely looked forward by surfers. Cokes is a challenge with its 3-10ft breaks and is also known to be widely photographed for its beauty. Chickens hold the title of the fastest wave in North Male Atoll. It also sets the blood pumping with its giant stature of over 10ft.

So, it can be said that Hudhuranfushi is a haven for surfers. Along with surfing, it also takes care of the refreshment part through a bar on the surf area. For those who prefer to rather watch that ride the breaks, there is a large decking area where one can sit and revel on the beauty of the sea.

While this was all about surfing, the island is also known for offering scuba diving liveaboard. For the ones with the heart for adventure, there are also options of snorkeling, sailing and windsurfing. So, it can be said that along with surfing enthusiastsScience Articles, Hudhuranfushi is also loved by other adventure seekers.


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