We enjoy the aesthetically pleasing picture. Specifically.

All images are chosen for their composition and detail including a balance of darks to lights, color or monochrome, and use of light and shadow.

All our image references original sources can be viewed in our bookmarked folder for that particular subject. We claim no ownership over most of these images, some are ours, and give full credit to those artists and photographers who produce such great pieces. We have also included places of possible purchase of the item or similar item that may be for sale. These are references and recommendations only and all sources are subject to change according to their own schedule or decision.

We do our best to keep all links and recommendations current and tasteful and from reputable businesses that are current and operational. If you find a broken link or maybe a video post that no longer works and we haven’t taken it down yet, your welcome to bring it to our attention.

All image references can be found bookmarked here.